Feline Metal Band Delivers Metal Album, Like Many Metal Bands Before Them


Kittie’s Until the End—the third full-length recording from said all-female Canadian metal outfit—is executed in the manner of machinery stamping and grinding out metal for land mines or commercial Humvees. It is tenaciously mindless and effortlessly grim.

For those who’ve bought and enjoyed all 20,000 albums in the genre over the past 15 years, Kittie deliver some Slayer played with a third of the impact, Pungent Stench without direct attacks on the Vatican, and Grave with a smaller, lighter cookie monster on vocals. When someone attempts real singing, around the middle of the record, it’s distant but still flat enough to discourage everyone else. So other than being a product of women, there’s only one reason to recommend the album: It’s marginally better than Auf der Maur.