Listings – 9/14/2004


If you can’t bring the kids to techno, you must bring techno to the kids. That seems to be Jake Fairley’s goal as he takes the genre’s distorted bang bang bang on his new (brilliantly named) disc, Touch Not the Cat, and shapes it into songs that wouldn’t be out of place on some stage on the Lower East Side. It’s a progression from the electroclash-2 Many DJs-’80s rehash that dancefloors have been playing over the years. Whether or not he can keep the techno purists around while getting the masses to come to the dark side remains to be seen. Wednesday @ 10, Table 50, 643 Bway, 212.253.2560,

While the promised tag-team set from Vikter Duplaix and Grand Wizard Theodore is reason enough to go, the main event at Iron DJ 2004—a contest that I am judging along with fellow dance addicts Bruce Tantum, Jeannie Hopper, and Wizard —are the battles between challenger Jen Mas, d’n’b diva Empress, dance DJ Scottie B, and 2003 champ DJ Fattfigaz. There will also be an Urban Momentum Dance Contest between NYC and San Francisco. Saturday @ 10, Frying Pan, Pier 63, W 23rd & the Hudson River,

Detroit techno second generation, DJ Dan Bell first made his way on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label. He’s got claim to a classic, “Losing Control,” recorded under the DBX moniker, and has since started his own label and relocated to Berlin, which is also where Sammy Dee of Perlon fame resides. Dee’s brand of austere minimal techno (sometimes dubbed micro-house) is a fitting bookend to Bell’s sounds. A Bunker party with Spinoza and DJ Movement. Friday @ 9, SubTonic, 107 Norfolk (downstairs), 212.358.7501