U.S. Government Explains Our Elections to Iraqi Journalists


Now please tell us

It looks like we’ve spent money to bring Iraqi journalists to the U.S. so we can explain our political campaigns to them. I’m happy to have them join us, but how about letting the American people in on the explanation?

According to a State Department weekly update of our “progress” in Iraq, the U.S. Media and Political Campaigns International Visitor Program, running from September 5 to September 25, is designed to help Iraqi journalists “examine the role of the media in U.S. political campaigns and the particular symbiosis between the media and the candidates they cover.”

Yeah, there’s a symbiotic relationship going on between the U.S. press and U.S. pols, and the first analogy that springs to mind is the relationship between “slug” and “host” that’s personified by the character of Lieutenant Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Free Dictionary explains:

Dax is a Trill symbiont, a very long-lived slug-shaped entity that is hosted by a succession of humanoid Trills, a process called “joining.”