Adult-Contemporary Ax Virtuoso Gets Biggest Job in Town


Handcrafted for Saturday-night talent shows on PBS is Kaki King’s Legs to Make Us Longer: Insanely great new age acoustic- guitar shredding and tapping for all those adults who buy CDs not to listen to, but for lifestyle. The lady can play guitar—she’s sort of like Michael Hedges, and maybe better than Leo Kottke! Move over Eddie Van Halen, tell Ted Nugent the news. King’s quiet, distorted overtones gracing “Doing the Wrong Thing” are like a hand in a velvet glove.

Appreciate the titles: “My Insect Life,” “All the Landslides Birds Have Seen Since the Beginning of the World,” “Can the Gwot Save Us?” They’re self-deprecating, aware, and just a little bit crazy. Ooooo-eeeeee, oooo-eeeee, baby, won’t you let me take you on a sea cruise! The girl’s from Atlanta, studied at NYU, resides in Brooklyn, and dresses in black on her CD cover, which reminds one of a cemetery custodian, someone with the biggest job in town. Why? Because she has 40,000 people under her. Unequivocal 2004 winner of the Record You’re Most Likely to Fall Asleep To prize.

Kaki King plays Roseland October 30.