They Steal Our Honor (1)


Reports have come in to Eagle Eye headquarters (at this moment the public library in Fremont, Indiana, off Interstate 90) that the scabrous anti-Kerry documentary “Stolen Honor” has been playing on Cleveland’s CBS affiliate WUAB. The Bush-aligned broadcast corporation Sinclair tried to show the film as a news program last week, then backed off after massive protests.

Protests from Democrats, who pointed out that the action violated the plain letter of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which bans partisan programming that mentions a candidate by name in the 60 days before an election.

And protests from stockholders, who sent Sinclair’s share price into the toilet in disgust that a broadcasting company would place blatant partisanship over shreholder value.

Republicans have now hustled their way around that little problem by airing the words ” “The following is a paid program brought to you by NewsMax Media, Inc.” momentarily before the program began. NewsMax is a far-right website.

But according to my source, “The words ‘You are watching “Stolen Honor” the documentary on John Kerry’ aired for 20 seconds, five times each, during each 23-minute broadcast.”

Protests to the station from citizens concerned that viewers were being misled into believing they were watching news programming, not a paid political message, went unheeded.

Are you concerned? Call the station manager, Bill Applegate, at 216-771-1943