Listings – 11/2/2004


Larry Tee’s second OUTSIDER ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL, the follow-up to his ELECTROCLASH festival, is back already. (How time flies!) This go-round features lesser-known but up-and-coming artists like Dead Combo, the Glimmer Twins, and Whitey. The past Tee festivals did their part getting electronic acts like Felix Da Housecat, Princess Superstar, and Fischerspooner more name recognition, but this year’s crop features more rock than previous years. Also on the bill are familiar locals like James Fucking Friedman, Tobell von Cartier, and Tee himself. Thursday @ 10, Crobar, 530 W 28th, 212.629.9000

Those record-store people with better taste in music than the rest of us, Other Music, host another party at APT, this time featuring native Berliner and techno specialist Ellen Allien. Entrenched in that city’s techno scene since the early ’90s, she started her own label, Bpitch Control; was once a radio host; and now throws a rotating series of parties. Her techno isn’t dainty or quaint and defies the fashionable microhouse label, being harder, tougher, and funkier than you’d expect. With Scott Mao. Tuesday @ 9, APT, 419 W 13th, 212.414.4245

After years of genre snobbery, I finally gave myself over to Fatboy Slim’s infectious DJ’ing. A man who enjoys dancing to his own DJ sets can’t be all wrong—and his penchant for anything that gets the party going, including bootleg remixes he whips up himself from popular tunes is par for the course. He’s supporting his newest release, Palookaville. Saturday @ 10, Drive In Studios, 443 W 18th, 212.645.2244

Those with “afraid to go above 14th street” disease will just have to suck it up and head to SECURITY—a party featuring Kompakt’s Superpitcher and Ada, as well as Cowboy Mark, Marcos Cabral, Kero, and Knifehandchop, among others. It’s German techno week, kids! Thursday @ 9, Ikon, 610 W 56th, 212.582.8282

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