Lethal Force in Iraq


Before Falluja, another article to consider.

Edmund Sanders, writing in today’s LA Times, describes an August shooting in Sadr City, when U.S. soldiers apparently opened fire on a truck full of civilians, many of them teenagers, believing they were fighters. They killed six of the men, who had been collecting trash, and afterwards a seventh Iraqi man lay on the ground, badly injured. Two of the soldiers debated what to do, then they shot and killed him, claiming he was too badly injured to be saved. From the story:

“The killing might have been forgotten except for a U.S. soldier who days later slipped an anonymous note under the door of the unit’s commander, Capt. Robert Humphries, warning that ‘soldiers had committed serious crimes that needed to be looked at.’ “

The soldiers are now facing trial for premeditated murder, and could face the death penalty.