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On Falluja’s Door


This invasion is looking more and more imminent.

First, an interesting article in today’s Washington Post (reg. required) on a Sunni initiative that, if serious (and taken as such), could avert the invasion. From the article, by Karl Vick:

“Most of what we’ve learned about insurgencies is that you don’t defeat one through purely military means,” said Larry Diamond, who served in the U.S.-led occupation authority. “When you try to do that, you may win the battle but lose the war. The insurgency in the Sunni heartland is now quite broad-based, and I don’t think we’re going to defeat the insurgency in this part of the country through purely military means. I think we’re looking at a protracted insurgency which will get worse if we go through with elections” that many Sunnis boycott.

“These groups,” Diamond said, “have to be given evidence that it’s in their interests to participate in the electoral process.”

The spokesman for the initiative is Wamidh Nadhmi, a political science professor who was an early critic of the occupation.

And here’s a piece from one of the Iraqi journalists being trained by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, on the roots of discontent in Falluja (and reading between the lines, on the question of whether a massive invasion into the town does anything to soothe those feelings). The writer is Ali Al-Yasi.


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