Rudy vs. Hillary in ’08?


That would be a religious experience, but not for the people who count

Rudy Giuliani vs. Hillary Clinton for president in 2008? The speculation is bound to heat up that these two pols, who were headed for a U.S. Senate collision in 2000 before Giuliani pulled out, will square off to replace Dubya.

That’s because speculation has already begun, thanks to The Times of London, that Giuliani will replace Tom Ridge as homeland security czar.

Well, Rudy may replace Ridge—he certainly would make the upcoming Draconian measures more palatable to the masses. But you won’t see Giuliani run for president in 2008 for God’s Own Party unless he has a widely publicized come-to-Jesus, fire-baptized conversion to the religious right, which, after all, just re-won the presidency.

Clinton’s a perfect demon for the anti-feminist religious right, but Rudy just doesn’t have the wings to be the GOP’s avenging angel.

If you want to wear the Bible Belt, Rudy, you’ll have to suck it up a little more. And lose that New York accent.