Child’s Gay! Chucky Comes to Terms With Swishy Spawn.


Having drawn and quartered its premise over the course of four previous movies, the Child’s Play franchise now officially dissects itself, forgoing thrills in favor of a campy self-consciousness—a tone signaled by the presence of John Waters as a happy-go-lucky paparazzo. The satire is shriller than a showering scream queen, “queen” being the operative word. Anatomically incorrect doll spawn Shitface (voice of Billy Boyd), finally escaped from his ventriloquist owner and reunited with plastic parents Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), can’t decide whether he’d rather be re-christened Glen or Glenda. Chucky doesn’t want his son to be a pansy, and endeavors to straighten the kid by showing off his manly slasher skills. Meanwhile, Tiffany plots to transfer her soul into the actual Jennifer Tilly (in the middle of filming Chucky Goes Psycho) and Chucky’s soul into Redman, who’s auditioning the actress for his directorial debut, a version of the Christ story. Series creator Mancini will clearly do anything for a laugh, and funny as it is to see, say, Chucky jerking off to Fangoria, the film mostly shoots blanks; it’s less than the sum of its in-jokes.

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