In this patently unfunny romantic comedy-cum- Marxist screed, it’s goodbye Lenin, hello free enterprise for two capitalist fools. Bob (Michael Waite), a divorced SoCal car-spray salesman dreams of opening BabyFood, a restaurant chain where all items are dyed pink or blue. On a fluke, he meets Verushka (Yelena Danova), a Russian libertine and budding entrepreneur who gives Bob a crash course in swindling, kinky sex, and fast food. But before the proletarians can speed off into the sunset like a post-perestroika Bonnie and Clyde, Bob regains his good sense: “Taking business advice from a Russian? I should be kicked out of the Republican Party!” While Waite’s deadpan delivery eases the torture, Stigliano’s micro-budget film plays like a preachy relic of the Gorbachev era, when terms like “convergence theory” still carried ideological weight.