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Dear Bush Beat:.’Just Relax’


‘We Christians will take care of you.’

M.L. Parlotto writes:

I love the smell of cowering liberals in the morning.

The best part is that equality and a true minority voice are now part of highest office in the land and you all have no clue. Dr. Rice came from humble and true oppressive beginnings and became the most powerful African American in the United States—yes, more powerful then Oprah—and all you cowering fools can do is toil in your lament. That is why your party has flat-lined and will forever be known as losers.

P.S. Dr. Rice will be the first African American to be elected president. Maybe then the Americans the Democrats have held in political bondage for over 50 years will break the chains of liberalism and truly be free. Anyway, enjoy your status of minority party after Dr. Rice wins in ’08. Democrats will never darken this land with their failed policies again.

Thank you for reading. More powerful than Oprah? Wow!

Marine sergeant Randy L. Anderson writes:

Sounds like you are scared, but I wonder: It is obvious that you hate religious (Christian) people, but why? Do you have a faith? I doubt it.

You must be empty inside, to feel so much hate. Just relax. We Christians will take care of you. Just go along for the ride, and you may actually learn something. Your boy Clinton had his chance, but he was too busy in the Oval Office committing adultery. You forgave him, because your pocketbook was fat. You see, morals are more important than money. That is the difference you liberals cannot bring yourself to acknowledge. This is why you lost the election. I just can’t believe you got 49 percent of the vote. That scares me more than you could know. Quit scaring your own people. It is not as bad as you think. They know this. You are laughable.

Thank you for reading. I love to make people laugh.

Joe Bailey Jr. writes from Austin, Texas:

Dear Village Voice writers:

What’s the big beef with religion? Why the Judeo-Christianophobia? As an Episcopalian (actually the same diocese of “New England Protestant” G.H.W.B.), I’m not afraid of atheists. But I suppose no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, eh?

Seriously, though, rule by fear exists—in the pages of your petty
excuse for journalism, over your poor readers.

At least The Village Voice carries no pretense of “fair and balanced” journalism, as far as I can tell. Our nation indeed needs yellow journalism to prove that freedom of the press remains not only an

I just sometimes can’t tell if I’d picked up The Onion or The Village Voice. They both share such a rollicking penchant for the absurd.


Joe Bailey Jr.

Thank you for reading. I love to make people laugh.

Mark Couture writes:

Just wanted to say hello, and that you function as my CNN. Keep it up.

Thank you for reading. I love to make people cry.

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