Insulting Our Intelligence


Ignoring its own intelligence woes, an impatient Congress ‘reforms’ the nation’s

Too bad Congress decided to hastily “restructure” the nation’s intelligence community. In a rush, the ignoble 600 of Capitol Hill’s light brigade—OK, almost that many; throw in some aides—charged ahead and dumped yet another bureaucracy on our heads.

Congress should look to its own structure of antiquated committees, its reach-arounds with lobbyists, and its revolving doors whirling between its chambers and big bidness. Read Common Cause on the Hill’s secretive meetings, late-night amendments, manipulated votes, and other such problems.

What’s worse, the Capitol is now dominated by the kind of “Barnum-bunkum Bible-beating bastards” the nation used to flock to theaters to sarcastically laugh at. Dick Cheney and Dennis Hastert, two of the handlers of George W. Bush (the guy who inherited the windbags on Capitol Hill), even use Congress these days as a grinning crowd for the occasional puppet show (see photo).

Cheney (left) and Hastert pulled strings so Ayad Allawi could say, “Howdy do!” to Congress last September 23.

Now we will have, in addition to our doofus POTUS and wrinkled SCOTUS, a DNI (Director of National Intelligence) to go along with the recently named DCI (Director of Central Intelligence), who is Porter Goss, who on the morning of 9/11 was having breakfast in D.C. with Pakistan’s security chief, Lieutenant General Mahmoud Ahmad, who was later revealed to be hijacker Mohammed Atta‘s bagman.

There’s bound to be friction between the DCI and this new DNI, whoever that’s going to be. Let’s see . . . who gets along with Goss? How about his breakfast partner Mahmoud Ahmad?