Kerik’s Other Foxy Lady


Today’s New York Post burns Bernie Kerik with an Andrea “Columnist of the Year” Peyser column detailing the implosion of his tryst with publisher Judith Regan. Besides quoting a friend of Regan describing the former commish as “maniacal” after the breakup, Peyser ribs Bernie over his stout frame, referring to him dining recently with a “fatter man.”


The piece, which the paper played on the front page, has the Post adopting a more aggressive approach on the Bernie story, after taking a backseat to the Daily News on coverage of Kerik’s alleged affairs and failure to declare gifts he received while running city jails.

But neither the Peyser piece, nor any other Post item since the Kerik nomination, has mentioned Regan’s connection to the News Corp. empire that owns the paper. Her ReganBooks imprint is a News Corp. entity, and she has also been a host on Fox News Channel, flagship of the Rupert Murdoch fleet.

The other NYC dailies also haven’t dwelt on Regan’s Fox-iness, but then they have nothing to disclose. The Post has acknowledged Regan’s link in the past—most recently an October 21 piece by Sara Nelson about plans for Martha Stewart’s memoir noted that News Corp. owned both ReganBooks and the Post.

The recent omissions wouldn’t be so glaring if the Post hadn’t made a habit recently of talking about its corporate daddy.

In the past month, News Corp. officers have gotten ink five times in the paper. On December 10, it was Post publisher Lachlan Murdoch receiving the 100 Year Association’s gold medal on behalf of the Post. This event was previewed December 7. On December 3, readers learned that News Corp. general counsel Arthur Siskind was honored by the UJA Federation, with Rupert Murdoch as emcee. The November 21 edition featured a small item about a survey asking people which business mogul they would most like to sit next to. (Bill Gates was No. 1 with 17 percent. Rupert got 3 percent.)

And on November 19, the Post reported on Rupert receiving the B.C. Forbes Award, an occasion at which former mayor Rudy Giuliani said: “The day he came to the U.S. was a wonderful day for Rupert and a wonderful day for America because we got a truly great man.”

Hmmmmmm. Did Rudy carefully scan the background check on Rupert before dropping that line?