Getting It Together: The Best in Film Share Their Secrets


Quentin Tarantino doesn’t merely worship Uma Thurman—he takes her iconicity as a given. With good reason, he has called her the Marlene Dietrich to his Josef von Sternberg. From her coked-up moll in Pulp Fiction to her grief-struck avenger in Kill Bill, Tarantino has located a purpose and grandeur in his leading lady’s gangly poise that has so far eluded other filmmakers: The Bride’s poignant aura of battle-weary majesty is as breathtaking in Kill Bill as any of the movie’s inspired grind house thievings. MOMA’s new series of conversations, “Great Collaborations,” kicks off tonight with a chat between Tarantino and Thurman. (Let’s hope the Bride can get a word in edgewise.) From geeks to schlubs: For the second installment on January 19, Alexander Payne and his writing partner Jim Taylor—already this year’s adapted-screenplay Oscar shoo-ins for Sideways—will shed some light on the recipe of cynicism and sentimentality that has proved such a hit with film critics. Sideways sad sack Paul Giamatti will moderate.