Larry, Larry


LOCATION Windsor Terrace

PRICE $335,000 in February 2003

SQUARE FEET 1,250 [three-bedroom in 2002 six-unit building]

OCCUPANT Larry Geddes [wine consultant, Is-Wine]; Maorung Lin [art director, Cosgrove Associates]

Bay leaves and figs in perfect celadon bowls. What wine are you drinking? Though it’s too early for me. [Larry] Let’s say the interview started at six. It’s an albariño. At Is-Wine, every day is wine day. [We go on a tour. ]

The bed is so high. Everyone complains.

Who is the woman with the child sleeping in the other room? This is Virginia—we lived together for 20 years. Then she met a Greek sailing captain. [Doorbell rings.] [Virginia] It’s the Fresh Direct man. [Larry] Virginia lives in Greece now.

Where did you meet Maorung? In church—the Web on 59th, a gay, Chinese male bar—1996 . . . [Maorung] November 1.

You are so tidy. [Larry] It drove Virginia crazy.

I must ask, were you and Virginia roommates or . . . Roommates. [After college, they lived all over Massachusetts together, then Hudson Heights.] These chairs were stolen from the Boston Shakespeare Company. Peter Sellars used them in a lot of shows. I worked with him for 10 years. I was assistant stage manager. And this wedding basket. [Maorung] It’s sort of like a Chinese tradition. On the day of the wedding, people are carrying food for the bride. Then, let’s say Larry is working in the fields . . .

What? The servant would bring it to Larry wherever Larry is working.

In Hudson Heights, did Maorung move in right after Virginia left? [Larry] The same day—suitcases were going out the door, he was coming in.

Did you say there was great weeping? Virginia and Maorung were weeping. [I asked why not stay in that apartment.] Virginia and I were going to make four times the amount selling it. [Maorung] I wanted to own property in the U.S. [Larry] That apartment was too expensive to buy. [Maorung] Then Larry was going to go to graduate school at Brooklyn College. [Larry] We found this. They said they had a certifi-cate of occupancy but then they didn’t. We couldn’t close. We’d already sold the other apartment. Just one week before graduate school, we had to put everything in storage and go to the Hilton for a week. [Maorung] Then we moved to the Marriott. [Larry] I had to buy a new computer, because we’d put ours in storage. I was trying to write papers while Maorung was watching reality shows on TV. [Maorung] I found this furnished two-bedroom on Fulton Street. [Larry] Thirty-two hundred plus $200 a month in utilities. Then my lawyer called and said, Larry, there’s no way of telling how long this will go on. We were hemorrhaging money. [Maorung] Larry was forced to quit school.

You became a real estate agent. [Larry] We’d learned a lot. I thought, I’m going to put this to use. [Virginia] You sold me an apartment. [Maorung] He got a license in a week! [Larry] I got a job with SoLofts. You have people who see Sex and the City. You’re paying for taxis all day. You realize these people don’t want to buy. They want, like, a star-home tour.

I never saw the Fresh Direct man leave. So was that an exciting time? [Maorung] I was very excited. Even my friends were all very excited for Larry. [Larry] Virginia’s sister wrote the copy for my real estate ads. [Maorung] But we couldn’t go to museums on weekends. [Larry] Then I took a course at the International Wine Center. [Maorung] We missed one thing. Before the wine business, you were taking bartending classes. [Larry] I had to mix 20 drinks in five minutes. Your hands are freezing. You’re throwing ice all over the place. They said, make sex on the beach. I said, you don’t drink sex on the beach anymore.