So Best


If you are like me, you have a hard time remembering what you ate for dinner yesterday, let alone what happened over the course of the last year. We asked downtown’s most prominent figures to share their most memorable moments of 2004—both in and out of the clubs.

ANDY SALZER, Terminal 5 exhibition media rep: The Terminal 5 party—if I’d known it was going to be an opening and a closing party, I would have invited way more people.

DANIEL CARTIER, singer-songwriter: Having someone throw up on me, then try to pick me up later that same night at a different club.

SHAWN SCHWARTZ, owner, Halcyon: 2004 showed mounting signs of the apocalypse to come: Horseman No. 1: The Red Sox win the World Series (ruins the entire year right there). Horseman No. 2: Bush wins re-election. Horseman No. 3: Wrath of God act leaves PETRA NEMCOVA clinging to life atop a coconut tree. I know this is tragic, but amongst all the horrible suffering, that image is Bugs Bunny-level funny. One more horsey and we’re done for.

DANNY TENAGLIA, DJ: After five years and three months of my favorite weekly residency ever in over two decades of spinning, the legendary Vinyl, Arc, Body & Soul, original Shelter, Area, and NASA closes its doors forever and is now luxury condos in Tribeca. Farewell, 6 Hubert Street.

CHRISTINA WHEELER, musician: Being invited to play with RYUICHI SAKAMOTO for his latest record release party.

THE HAZZARDS, ukulele pop stars: When we debuted our song “Hot for Hasidim” and a bunch of Hasidim walked into the bar at the end of our set.

GEO, DJ, MisShapes: The night JARVIS COCKER and STEVE MACKEY of PULP DJ’ed MisShapes—which is named after a song of theirs. When they entered the DJ booth, the packed room fell silent and then quickly broke into applause. I’ve never seen anything like that happen at a club event.

THEO, loonychick, rocker: Oh, probably when 400 Santas came to Rated X, the Panty Party at Opaline and there were pretty much all Santas and some were slam dancing. It was the most surreal thing I have ever seen in a club. And there was a woman dressed as a Christmas tree with presents as her shoes.

ULTRAGRRRL, DJ, Spin magazine’s resident cool chick: Having MIKE JOYCE of the SMITHS taking my now retired column name, “Making Out With Ultragrrrl,” a little too seriously. Maybe that was my most traumatizing event.

CASEY SPOONER, singer, FISCHERSPOONER: Playing charades with SUZANNE GEISS and VANESSA BEECROFT; fighting with Warren over making the second album; performing for 50,000 people in Brazil. The election.

ULYSSES, techno producer, NEUROTIC DRUM BAND: DJ’ing for thousands of people at P.S.1, and meeting BONO when I was done.

MAX PASK, DJ: The whole summer at P.S.1, one of the best places to play. Hoping for a minute New York was gonna dance again at Volume, RIP.

PHILIP OH, promoter, the Warriors: The DIZZEE RASCAL night at Volume, with MATT DEAR and DJ PLEXUS spinning minimal techno afterwards. The Dizzee-curious hipsters actually stayed and danced!

LYLE DEREK, event (OK, “organized chaos”) producer: My fave moment of 2004 was terrorizing the GOP with our “God Save New York” event held a block from the GOP kick-off party. Walking out and watching my friend puke on some delegate’s SUV! I only hope it was Jenna’s—that little drunk can relate!

DANNY KRIVIT, DJ, producer: Most memorable club moment: Body & Soul “Back Together Again” party. Most memorable nonclub moment: New York having a record turnout for the vote, only to wake up the next morning to find Bush still there.

DANNY WANG, DJ, producer, Berlin expat: Most memorable non-nightlife event: The recent win of VIKTOR YUSHCHENKO, who has survived disfiguring dioxin poisoning to win the re-election in Ukraine. Somehow that moves me a lot, because it must require huge courage when your enemies are that evil.