The Voice spoke to preeminent New York psychic Terry Iacuzzo, whose memoir Small Mediums at Large (Putnam, 368 pp., $22.95) is about LSD, evil spells, and “inner truth.”

To what do you attribute your abilities as a psychic? It’s part genetic and part because I started reading at a young age. Lots of people have intuition. It’s like piano playing. But then some of us play at Carnegie Hall.

Do your visions extend to world events? I’m more interested in the individual, but of course I can see what’s going to happen in the world—I’m psychic. A couple weeks ago I was in a luncheonette on Prince Street—I have a feeling you live there, do you? On Mott or Elizabeth? . . . Anyway, this woman was standing next to me, and I heard her say, “I can’t wait to get out of here! I’m going to Indonesia over Christmas with my family.” And I looked at her, and I knew she wasn’t coming back. But I couldn’t walk up to a stranger and say, “Excuse me—don’t go!”

What responsibility do you feel to warn and instruct people? I try to really focus on my role in the human race. I’ve always been 100 percent alive, maybe 1,000 percent alive. But people are getting very mediocre. Where are those great New York characters? Everyone is dressed! Everyone is working so hard! I am a cheerleader for “Let’s go! Let’s get up and live!”