Blowing the Covers Off Gotham’s Newest Boudoir Lounges


Will the bed bar scene last? It depends on whose bed you would rather be in. Located in Chelsea, six-week-old Duvet lacks the item it’s named after, among other things. This white, spacious venue has beds that are as comfortable as cardboard. Don’t expect privacy, either. As I attempted to untie the bed curtains, a manager rushed over and explained that customers shouldn’t fuss with the property. Duvet’s White Satin Mojito (mint, vanilla bean, yuzu juice, Mount Gay Rum, and Moët & Chandon champagne) and pear margarita (each $12) were nothing to dream about, and the bright, fluorescent lighting and generic lounge music only added to the sterile scene. Duvet does have its soft spots, though—a colorful and sophisticated unisex bathroom and a unique aquarium that displays over 100 exotic jellyfish.

A few blocks up from Duvet is where you can find real bedroom action. At BED New York, a well-to-do crowd of gorgeous faces surrounds the bar area. Adding to the beauty is the stunning staff; decked out in couture designs by James Thomas, they wait on you hand and foot. Drinks are a costly $15, but since they’ve got naughty names like Pussy Galore and Red Head in Bed, you’ll be curious to try more than a few. Chromascreen, a curved glass that also serves as a video projection, separates the bar from the restaurant and provides a different spin on walls. Sheer white ceilings, dim lighting, and custom reflective wallpaper provide an intimate decor. Be careful when you recline on the soft Tempur-Pedic Swedish mattresses—you may never get up. Fortunately, you can take some of BED New York home with you: Patrons receive signature slipper socks, which will keep feet toasty for the season. BED New York proves to be more than just a one-night stand—you’ll keep coming back for more.