The Price Is Right


You don’t need another pair of creepers. Rubber chaps were never quite your thing. And punk breathed its last, heroin-withered gasp almost 30 years ago. So why would you step inside Trash & Vaudeville? Multiply this thought times the other 8 million or so people in this city, and you have exactly why the upstairs and downstairs sale racks at Trash are so giving. It’s uncharted terrain. Granted, you’ll have to sweep through day-glo shirts and unlimited pairs of peg-legged, zip-up plaid pants. The effort, however, is more than worth it: Miss Sixty trousers for $20 instead of their usually $200; retro-print minis and knee-length skirts from Brit company Get Cutie; racks of ’80s-style Blondie pumps whose original they’d nick you mercilessly for at Foley & Corinna. Good to know.