If Wendy Builds It, They Will Come


Devotees of Built By Wendy‘s ass-pleasing cords and ruffled schoolgirl blouses will no longer have to endure the wretched fight-to-the-final-blazer frenzy at the label’s semi-annual sample sale. Like Mom negotiating a quarrel over the last chocolate chip cookie, Wendy Mullins’s independent clothing line plans to put an end to this frenzied twice-a-year madness with the opening of a year-round Williamsburg outlet. Opening March 5, this location will peddle apparel from previous seasons at sample-sale prices: strapless seersucker dresses that originally went for $191 will sell for $60; cotton and corduroy miniskirts will be discounted from $90 to $30; twill jeans, once $124, will go for a mere $50. Expect previous seasons of Wrangler 47, Mullin’s line for the classic denim company, to hit the racks as well.

Sameena Ahmad, vice-president of Built By Wendy, says they plan to keep the shelves stocked by opening just during the weekends and rolling out only season-appropriate gear. The new store, she hopes, will make life simpler. “We won’t have to scramble to find a place twice a year [for the sample sales]. It’s actually our warehouse space, and on weekends, it’s just open in the front. It also makes it easier for the customer, to not have to come down and grab like crazy.”

Or so we hope. We predict even BBW’s most aloof hipster fans will pull some greedy, rabid-dog moves in those first few weeks. Astonishing what a little discounted designer does to us all.

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