That ’70s Skort


Let’s get this straight before we go any further: pedal pushers, capri pants, and culottes are all cropped. No one knows the difference between the first two, if there is one. And, let’s not open the door to puddle jumpers or clam diggers, for God’s sake. Culottes are the only distinguishable pants in the group; they are cut wide, either structured and A-line or flowy like skirts.

“They are on their way to being ‘in’ again,” Brooke of Screaming Mimi‘s said recently. But she said, “They will never be as popular as they were in the ’70s, but they are real cute.” This leads me to wonder why we all can’t dress like Jackie from That ’70s Show in high-waisted plaid wool culottes, our shiny hair cascading everywhere . . .

On second thought, I think we can. Don’t be shy, my sisters. Even if you’re short you can do it (though you might want to stick with heels to be safe). Here’s your game-plan: While it’s still cold, wear heavy culottes (look for vintage wool as described above) with boots. In early spring, light-weight culottes worn with tights and flat shoes will be the cutest. Of course, in the summer, bare legs and pumps or heeled sandals. Please, no flip-flops, it’s just not like that.

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