More Sites That Ring Musto’s Gossip Chimes


Want to be enlightened, ennobled, and filled in on the latest steaming piles of dish? Well, here are some web destinations that aim to make all your orifices feel complete.

1. This relatively straightforward, ultra informative site draws your attention to all the joyous and/or horrifying gay stories of the day, ranging from serious (“Vote in Topeka hangs on gay rights today”) to medium serious (“Robin Williams gay cartoon protest at Academy Awards”) to downright scandalicious (“Swedish lesbian couples to get right to insemination”). This site can turn you queer, or if you already are “that way,” it can make you even queerer—and what could make for a higher recommendation, honey?

2. The brainchild of Perez Hilton, you-know-who’s “trashtastic Cuban cousin,” it reflects Perez’s life-appreciating motto, “I love animals, enemas, and animus.” The site gleefully mixes up celeb gossip, interviews with downtown divas, and heartwarming appreciations of one of their “favoritest” couples, Mischa Barton and Brandon Davis. (“May your union be as smooth as some finely chopped grade A cocaine.”) Snort this site immediately.

3. Snark goddess Ana Marie Cox serves up political news, wisdom, and bitchery, while making me interested in politics all over again for the first time. Sample item: “Okay, we knew God was powerful, but we weren’t aware until today that God had Bob Novak working for him. Theologically, it makes sense. You’ve seen Constantine, right?” The item goes on to call Novak “the douche bag of liberty” before quoting his righteous idiocy and making merciless fun of the guy. But I bet even the Lord clicks on wonkette between miracle-doing.

4. This questioning quagmire of Hollywood’s dirty doings is dense yet fast-paced, impossibly witty yet blithely accessible. Reports include well lubricated tidbits like “FCC on Arrested Development: Corn-holing isn’t just for sodomites anymore.” By the way, defamer and wonkette are part of the gawker empire that may be making columnists like me obsolete, but at least are keeping us wildly entertained in the process.

Oh, and by the way,—which you’re on right now—is the bestest, funnest, favoritest of the bunch (and quite literate too). Make this your second home or GO TO HELL!