The Trials Of Hot 97


Fresh off the furor over its now infamous “tsunami song,” Hot 97 is back in the headlines. This time the problem isn’t an offensive tune about a disaster half-a-world away, but gunplay right downstairs.

Last night, one man was wounded in a shooting that broke out as rapper 50 Cent was leaving an interview at the station. The interview apparently dealt with 50 cent’s disputes with several rappers, including The Game, a one-time member of his crew who was recently booted. The website indicates that the wounded man was affiliated with The Game. also reports that shots were fired outside the offices of the company that manages 50 Cent.

Earlier yesterday, a federal jury was selected in the trial of rapper Lil’ Kim on charges she lied about her connections to two gunmen involved in a 2001 shootout outside Hot 97.

Amid heavy media coverage and public protest over the tsunami song, Hot 97 and owner Emmis Communications posted at least two statements of apology on the station’s website, suspended the people involved in creating the song, and canned two employees. That wasn’t enough to satisfy some critics of the station who continued to press for more action.

And that was over a song.