Live From Siberia


The NYC — neither parody nor tribute, exactly — is an accurate, often hysterical homage to TV teen dramedy tropes by way of live, long-form improv comedy. The troupe performs each unscripted episode (with the iPod-provided musical cues and scores that are such essential characteristics of the genre) in SIBERIA‘s basement (356 West 40th Street, 212-333-4141) each Wednesday night at 8. Since so many of us sit glued to the screen, devouring the lives and times of the California counterparts we wish we’d had in high school, it’s both fair and funny that a group of ersatz teens — like those on The OC, who in real life range in age from twentyish to thirtyish — have banded together to dissect the genre’s archetypes. “We have the meta-awareness, but we don’t claim to be meta-meta-aware,” says Lance Rubin (who portrays Taylor Dobbs, the hypersensitive Semitic-seeming guy). Yeah, and neither do those of us who set the TiVo to record the WB while we tune in at Siberia.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 8, 2005

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