A pair of glowering Buenos Aires dykes—the inexplicably named Mao and Lenin—kidnap dumpy, depressed lingerie salesgirl Marcia at knifepoint, hijack a taxi, and . . . take her to the beach? Things only get sweeter and more surprising from there in first-timer Diego Lerman’s black-and-white road movie, a humane, unassumingly quirky rumination on chance and caprice. Economical yet lackadaisical, Suddenly—with its crisp monochrome grain and deadpan oddballs-in-transit scenario—unavoidably suggests Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise and Aki Kaurismäki’s Take Care of My Scarf, Tatiana. Happenstance impels the plot, but this is no diagram of karmic destiny or butterfly effect interconnection. Instead, the film, true to its title, blows along its unpredictable course like a tumbleweed, generously accommodating its characters’ unrulier impulses, adhering to no narrative laws or higher order save a secular faith in the arbitrary. No extras.