A Question of Not Nearly as Hot a Temperature as You’d Hope


Set the Chris Stamey Experience down as sluts taking the spoils of opportunity for “Shapes of Things” and “Politician.” On A Question of Temperature, Stamey commits the sin of hard rock for people who don’t like hard rock: not heavy when and where it must be, so even power drunks will not mistake it for Nazareth or West, Bruce & Laing, thems that own the books on the copies. Skip those plus the Television cover, “Venus,” and advance to track six, “Compared to What,” which suits Stamey’s hard pop just fine. Continue through the going-to-the-beach-with-picnic-baskets music of “The Summer Sun” and the jaunty instrumental “Come On.” Yo La Tengo are featured, “Salinger” is rhymed with “Kissinger,” and detail freaks will also swear to having seen a copy with an opening song recommending voting, since moved to the bonus slot and replaced by bursts of backward-and-forward noise.