Audion is Ghostly International artist Matthew Dear’s rougher, tougher alter ego. If the techno recorded under the artist’s own name is meant to seduce, Audion is meant to coerce. It’s big and slick and sounds like it belongs on a gargantuan sound system at an equally giant rave with thousands of people. Harder, faster, and yet no less sophisticated, it’s also the antithesis of the blippy micro house that’s so popular. Magda, one of my favorite techno DJs, has been living in Berlin for about a year now (after giving New York a brief go), and so we might expect to hear equal parts Berlin and Detroit in her mix (as she is part of Richie Hawtin’s M_nus posse). With a lineup like this, you can’t go wrong. HeartThrob does a live set. Plus DJs Nick ac, Bill Patrick, and Dennis Rodgers. Wednesday @ 10, Canal Room, 285 W Bway, 212-941-8100

The tsunami benefit craze is over, but the need for tsunami benefits is not, as the recent earthquake off the coast of Indonesia (in nearly the same spot as before) recently reminded us. DJs from LCD Soundsystem (Phil Mossman), DFA (Beats in Space a/k/a Tim & Tim), and the Rapture contribute to the cause, as does Brit Annie Nightingale, whose legacy is firmly in the clubs. As the first female DJ on BBC’s Radio 1, she is known as the “Queen of Breaks.” Saturday @ 10, Movida, 28 Seventh Ave S, 212-206-9600

MOTHERFUCKER DJ Michael T’s got a new, totally gay party called BUST at the Boysroom with super-gay hosts like Sophia Lamar, Miranda Moondust, the MisShapes’ gay chillun’ Greg and Geo, and Peppermint Gummybear MC’ing. Expect performances by Sherry Vine, Scooter Pie, and Joanna of Burning Angel, and DJ’ing compliments of Dirty Jean, Justine D, and JDH (among others). As usual, Thomas is on door bitch duty. Wednesday @ 10, Boysroom, 9 Ave A, 212-995-8684