Perfect Worlds: Art House


One-Bedroom Condo High-Rise


700 square feet

“I have 600 pieces of art in my collection. It’s why I live. I like to look at art with my eyes and my heart, not my ears. . . . The theme of the apartment is purple and yellow and asymmetry. I hardly have any straight lines.”

photo: Brian Kennedy

Steve Shane: Anesthesiologist and art lover

1 Purple-and-yellow lacquer-finish mahogany media cabinet, Godley-Schwan

2 Some of the art collection: Cindy Sherman, Jack Pierson, Bernd and Hilla Becher, hundreds of emerging artists, etc.

3 Montis castor chair, Modern Age, 795 Broadway. Yellow-gold fabric discovered by Shane at Knoll, 76 Ninth Avenue.

4 Yellow velvet upholstered cornice

board and radiator hider, Suben/Dougherty Partnership, 233 Spring Street, and Ian Gibbs of Home Works, 480 Broome Street. (“It was really important for me to get those purple dots in there.”)

5 Halogen lighting with gold reflectors, Modulightor, 246 East 58th Street.

6 Frames, DDG Framing, 221 Bowery.

7 Purple velvet chaise by Moroso, Suben/ Dougherty Partnership. Chaise cushion, Shane and Ian Gibbs, Home Works

8 Custom-designed wool rug, Suben/Dougherty Partnership

9 Plate made from photograph of Bette Midler and Steve Shane (“I used to be Bette Midler in a previous life.”)

10 Purple velvet guest book (“I have salons à la Gertrude Stein.”)

11 Round glass table, Dialogica, 484 Broome Street

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