Save Guernica?


Yet another one of New York’s historic nightspots is closed—at least for the moment. Guernica, located on Avenue B and 2nd Street, once the site of famed club Save the Robots, which hosted New York DJs like DANNY KRIVIT, KEOKI, JONATHAN PETERS, and HECTOR ROMERO in its heyday—shut its doors last Saturday. While it may not be totally over for the space, the new regime didn’t want to comment just yet on the venue’s future.

The club’s longest-running party, Ubiquita (four-plus years), had its final jam the week before, with over 800 people attending and DJs QOOL MARV and MARY MAC spinning. The Ubiquita party is moving to the Delancey and will be held once a month. There were rumors that the Knitting Factory might be taking over the club as a music venue, but the Knit’s ROBERT JOHNSON said that was unequivocally not true. (And I believe him.) Watch this space for updates.

Speaking of the Knitting Factory, HAR MAR SUPERSTAR, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at an INTERPOL after-after-after-party several weeks ago (don’t ask), will be playing there on April 19. (“Hey, that’s the eve of 4/20, so if anyone wants to bring me any weed . . . ” Uh-huh.) He’s busy writing songs for the remaining members of INXS, who are filming a reality show for CBS documenting their search for a new lead singer to replace MICHAEL HUTCHENCE. He’s also penning ditties for JC CHASEZ, unleashing his wickedness on unsuspecting mainstream crowds. Har Mar says he did the same for KELLY OSBOURNE, but “it was too dirty to get used. Same thing for J.LO. They gave me a week to do it, so I wrote something tongue-in-cheek sort of making fun of her. It was all about her getting fucked by black men.” Well, metaphorically speaking (lots of chocolate and caramel references). Lest you think such stunts stunt his career, Har Mar says it only gets him more work. He’s working on still more songs, which are being shopped around to KYLIE MINOGUE and PARIS HILTON. Har Mar world domination is around the corner.

Another person I suspect is on a mission for world domination is none other than ULTRAGRRRL a/k/a SARAH LEWITINN. The DJ-blogger-gal-about-town recently quit her job at Spin to start her own record label. Called Stolen Transmission in homage to the JOY DIVISION song, it’s a subsidiary of a major label, although she couldn’t yet tell me which one because the contract has not been signed. (She’s going on vacation first.) “It was suggested by people in the industry that I start a label,” she said. “I am not the best writer in the world; it’s something I came to grips with. So, I am gonna find bands and make them as big as I can.” As one of the early champions of THE KILLERS, FRANZ FERDINAND, and STELLASTAR, she knows whereof she speaks, but she’s still operating with caution. “I can do whatever the hell I want,” she says. “If I want to sign the dude playing guitar in a subway, I can, but I want to be wise how I spend money.” Ultra’s got her eye on a band in L.A. that she describes as “THE PIXIES meet the BEACH BOYS. If you go on my iTunes they tower over everyone else in plays.” Mum’s the word for now, but I bet if we go to her blog ( there might be a few generous hints.

A funny tidbit that made me smile: At hip-hop scribe TOURÉ‘s wedding to trend consultant RITA NAKOUZI a few weeks ago on Miami Beach, the officiant was RUN-DMC‘s REVEREND RUN (who asked them to take each other “for richer or for richer”), and everyone had a theme song when they walked down the aisle: Touré’s was NINA SIMONE‘s “Be My Husband,” the bride’s was Simone’s “Feeling Good,” and the best man, writer NELSON GEORGE, walked out to—what else?—MARVIN GAYE‘s “Trouble Man.”