Spend two nights at ROTHKO and get two very different—but equally good—musical experiences, both presented in part by DIRECT DRIVE. For those who followed electro before someone added “clash” to it, you’ll remember the esteemed ANDREA PARKER of Touchin Bass/Studio K7 Records. She may be a lady, but she ain’t dainty—picking hard, solid, bass-heavy beats to slam you with. She doesn’t traffic in the happy-as-a-robot variety of electro. Some of her records and choices are darker than what most people have come to associate with electro, and sometimes it literally feels like she’s taking you for ride down the street like a mafioso, holding your head out the side of the car, just inches away from the pavement. She’s playing with the local queen bee of breaks, SARA WALKER, and EGG FOO YOUNG (Miami-based electro artists on Andrea’s label). Thursday @ 9, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, no phone.

Drum’n’bass-heads know and love the REPRAZENT crew and will be delighted to hear that one of the less hyped stars of RONI SIZE’S posse will be paying a visit to the d’n’b weekly. SUV produces breaks that are more quirky than his pals, loves using vocals, and is more successful than most incorporating singers into his records. He’s joined by MC NATURAL. With local boys done good MATHEMATICS also on the bill, expect a night of the more soulful side of d’n’b, punctured by bits of toughness. With Blue Water, Sheik, MonProper, Katy Kaboom, and Chosun. Saturday @ 10, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, no phone.

This week’s CHARM SCHOOL UNIVERSITY—the site of Boy George’s only weekly residency in New York—features a solo show by DEBBIE HARRY and a DJ set by KELLY OSBOURNE. I don’t need to tell you which one I am more excited about. LILY OF THE VALLEY and MISS GUY lend more support on the decks. Monday @ 10, Marquee, 289 Tenth Ave, 646-473-0202.