Fade Out


Getting your iPod stolen sucks. Talking about getting your iPod stolen in The New York Times and then getting fired sucks more. In a March 30 story about iPod thieves, ELLIOT ARONOW, an editorial assistant at The Fader magazine, which is owned by marketing company Cornerstone Promotions, said, “All the value was really in the music. The thing itself was just a stupid device.” Shortly thereafter, he found himself out of a job.

While Fader publisher ANDY COHN issued a terse “no comment on anything having to do with Elliot’s dismissal,” I’d heard from several sources, including former and current employees of the company, that Aronow, who was identified as a Fader employee in the Times story, was canned because of the perceived negative comment about an Apple product—Apple is a Cornerstone client. While one source said that an Apple rep had complained to The Fader, prompting the firing, Apple spokesperson STEVE DOWLING said, “We don’t know anything about it.”

Aronow, who says he is still on good terms with his former employer, wouldn’t talk about why he was fired but did speak to me about the quote he gave to Times writer CAMPBELL ROBERTSON. He said he didn’t use the word stupid and wants a retraction.

“It’s a really terrible situation, and I feel awful for the guy,” said Robertson, “but I heard him say it. It’s in my notes, and I can’t run a retraction if he did actually say it.” Robertson didn’t think the remark cast the Apple product in a negative light. “To my ears, this was a guy saying that he really loved his iPod and that he loved it for what it did, not because it’s an expensive piece of plastic.” Aronow loves his iPod so much, he bought a new one the next day.

There were no expensive pieces of plastic on display (this is where Robertson, the new Boldface Names columnist, would probably employ MR. SEGUE MAN) at Northsix on Tuesday night. All the burlesque babes onstage for the Smoke on the Water benefit, held to raise funds for North Brooklyn Alliance, appeared perfectly natural—including AMI GOODHEART, host the WORLD FAMOUS *BOB*, and MISS SATURN.

The benefit featured clothes by designers STELLA REY, ALICE SCHAVOIR, SIRIUS, and 3FREE among others, and there were pretty darn good raffle prizes, including a $1,000 gift certificate redeemable at Brooklyn favorites like Mini Mini Market, Beacon’s Closet, and Hello Beautiful. Of course, almost every big prize was won by a dude, prompting the ladies to wail, “Noooooo!” The cause in question is the city’s pending rezoning of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg area, including high-rises along the waterfront, some of which would be as tall as the Williamsburg Bridge. The community’s proposed alternative would cap buildings at 20 stories.

I know, political talk is boring. During the show, one gal got completely au naturel. JULIE ATLAS MUZ, never shy, did a bad-girl number in a naughty jailhouse-striped getup, dancing to JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Breaking the Law.” She broke one law and lit a cigarette. She broke another and took off her silver pasties. Then she decided her panties were completely unnecessary. She did what can only be described as pussy and butt ventriloquism, making both sides of her private parts “sing along” to the song. Need it be said that she brought down the house and probably raised a few flagpoles?

Ms. Muz told me after the show that MR. PUSSY MAN (which is what she called, um, yeah) would be making his debut at the Kitchen next month. Then she pulled down her pants again and twirled her private parts some more to show how Mr. Pussy Man was growing a handlebar mustache. And the very sexy *BOB*, who might have to totally change her act now that she’s a totally scrawny beanpole, exclaimed, “I’m only a double D—can you believe that?” No, actually, I can’t. Maybe she can loan me some cup sizes; then I’ll go au naturel too.

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