Puff Daddy Name Change Sends Tremor Through Music Industry



At least he didn’t change his face

Sean Combs Changes Name To Diddy, Does Not Change Face

As word spreads of rap mogul Sean Combs’s decision to drop the P. of “P. Diddy” (“Diddy is more personal,” says Diddy), other artists have become concerned that their own names aren’t as personal as they could be. Worse, these artists fear the friendly, more personal “age of Diddy” might keep potential audiences from even giving their music a chance, despite their songs being just as personal as Combs’s.

“This is a disaster,” says Erik Sayenga, ex-drummer of death metal band Dying Fetus. Bands such as Angel Corpse, Morbid Angel, and Nun Slaughter report similar sentiment.

Now record companies are scrambling to convert current artist names to friendlier, more personal versions. Unfortunately, several names pose incredible difficulty–the clock is ticking.

Riff Raff checked in with a few artists to see how they are progressing with the name changes. Most had no time to reply, but here’s what we’ve found so far:

Brooks & Dunn –> Kix ‘n’ Ronnie

The Killers –> The Friends

A Guy Called Gerald –> Your Friend, Gerald

Daddy Yankee –> Daddy Friend

Papa Roach –> Friend Roach

All-American Rejects –> World Friends

Beck –> Brack

Gorillaz –> Friends

Alan Braxe and Friends –> Friends and Friends

Will Smith –> Mike Smith

R. Kelly –> “Arrgh” Kelly (pirate who helps his friends)

Cannibal Corpse –> Dave Sigel and Friends

Kano –> Noob Saibot

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