Freddy’s Forgetful Pal?


Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion had tough words last week for those renegade Democrats who crossed over to endorse the Republican mayor for reelection. “To the Democratic leaders that made the decision to abandon your party and support a Republican — we will not forget,” he warned ominously last week.

But it looks like Carrion himself was pretty forgetful when he mailed last minute, pre-election palm cards to voters in the Bronx’s Riverdale section where Bloomberg is highly popular.

The red-white-and-blue cards carry a return mailing address of “Carrion 2005” and are headlined: “VOTE YOUR COMMUNITY DEMOCRATIC TEAM” and “Vote Column B Democratic.” The card includes a list of five candidates starting with Carrion, who is seeking reelection against nominal opposition in the overwhelmingly Democratic Bronx. It also includes the names of four Democratic judicial candidates. But there’s one glaring omission: It never mentions the man at the top of the Democratic ticket, mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer.

“Looks like Adolfo isn’t too interested in reminding voters up here about his old pal Freddy,” said one Riverdale resident who got the notice in the mail.

Not so, insisted Carrion campaign political director David Golovner. “That mailing was organized by the Bronx judicial slate, not by us,” he said. Since Ferrer hasn’t formally endorsed the judges, “his name couldn’t even go on it.” Golovner blamed Campaign Finance Board rules for making joint-endorsement mailings difficult. But he acknowledged that Ferrer’s name won’t be on all of the actual palm cards handed out in front of polling places in the Bronx tomorrow either. “It will be on some cards, not all,” he said.