Feds Bust Kenneth “Why I Hate Blacks” Eng


Moments after Kenneth “Why I Hate Blacks” Eng was sentenced Thursday to 12 months daily psychotherapy for attempting to assault his neighbors with a hammer, he was picked up by the feds on new charges, according to the NY Post.

Eng first garnered notoriety for penning an essay titled “Why I Hate Blacks” for the Bay Area–based newspaper AsianWeek. But that was just a start for Eng:

From the Voice on April 24th, 2007:

Eight hours after the executions of 32 students at Virginia Tech, Eng posted a grainy video of himself on YouTube. “Good morning, America,” says an exuberant Eng from his New York apartment, “I’d just like to say that I just read about the Virginia Tech incident and it was the funniest thing I ever read in my life.”

It only got only worse when Voice reporter Chloé A. Hilliard reached Eng on the phone.

“It’s speculative but I think that there is a good chance that Cho may have read my work,” says Eng. “I might have had something to do with [the VT shootings] because it’s kind of conspicuous that [Cho] would shoot all these people so shortly after AsianWeek published all my articles.” Cho, in his manifesto, railed against “you,” making no reference to race. But Eng believes he understands why Cho felt compelled to commit the murders and applauds him for doing so. “A part of me wishes I was Cho,” says Eng, who is the same age as the murderer, 23. “He is my hero.”

Even if Eng winds up serving time on the federal charges, he should count himself lucky that he didn’t do any time in state prisons. With his opinions, he wouldn’t fare too well in, say, the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora. He might be a wee bit safer in the federal pen.

We’re awaiting a call back from the feds to see what new charges Eng faces. Stayed tuned.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on August 10, 2007


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