Dept. of Useless BKLYN Minutiae: Yeasayer and Animal Collective = High-School Bros


Anand Wilder (left) and Chris Keating (right), photo from New Year’s by Rebecca Smeyne

File under: if we don’t blarrrggh it, someone else will. (And probably will still, even though we just did.) Yeasayer’s Anand Wilder and Chris Keating went to high school with three of the four members of Animal Collective. Credit/blame one of our 15 third cousins for picking up on this:

After graduating from college, [Anand] Wilding and [Chris] Keating reunited in New York City—Brooklyn, to be exact, the same borough where previous musical Park School [of Baltimore] alums Josh Dibb (a.k.a. Deakin), David Portner (Avey Tare) and Brian Weitz (Geologist) of Animal Collective had settled just a few years before.

That the five experimentalists attended the same high school is not yet common knowledge. “I’m actually really, really happy that no one has picked up on that,” Wilder says.


“I was in a play with David Portner when I was in ninth grade,” Wilder says. “I always looked up to those guys. They were always seeking out new music. I was in a band in eighth grade when they were doing their stuff with Automine. And I called them for advice when we were signing onto Monitor Records. But I’m glad. You know, we get enough Animal Collective comparisons as it is, just because we’re, you know, somewhat experimental or whatever.”


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