Sad News: Another Death in Clubland. . . Baird Jones


Baird Jones (left)

It’s been confirmed that art curator and Page Six staple Baird Jones has died from natural causes, which was discovered when emergency workers knocked his door down last night because a friend hadn’t heard from him. Baird was an offbeat, pasty-faced figure who tirelessly promoted Webster Hall and various B-stars’ artworks (he put on gallery shows featuring paintings by the likes of Elke Sommer, Tony Bennett, and John Wayne Gacy) in between phoning in obscure celebrity items to the columns. I always assumed he was gay, though he long promoted himself as a virgin and at one point claimed he was “dating” then-scandal gal Sukhreet Gabel. In any case, Baird was peppy and chipper and seemingly well off, and did rather endearing things like sending me a list of hundreds of anagrams for my name. One of them involved the word “slut,” but I don’t hold grudges.