Jason Beghe on Scientology: The Full Interview


Last week, a three-minute video posted on YouTube showed veteran television actor Jason Beghe denouncing Scientology. He’d been a member of the organization for a dozen years, and told the Voice in an interview that he gave Scientology about a million dollars in donations during that time. He also offered surprising behind-the-scenes information about well-known Scientologist celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta, and gave Scientology dabbler Will Smith a warning that he was being secretly taped in therapy sessions.

Beghe said that the short video was only a small portion of a much longer video that was made by Mark Bunker, a Scientology critic who puts up videos under the name ‘XenuTV.’ After the short video was played at YouTube more than a half-million times, YouTube yanked Bunker’s account and took the video down (it was put up by others in various locations). Bunker tells the Voice it was the second time his account has been cancelled. The first time, YouTube was quite open that complaints from Scientology had played a part in losing his account. This time, for some reason, Bunker says, YouTube won’t tell him what prompted the cancellation of his account.

UPDATE: The full interview is now available on YouTube above.