Amy Poehler Works For Free!


Yes, the SNL and Baby Mama funny lady doesn’t ask for a cent—when she likes the script, is friends with the writer, and it’s basically low-budget art! Poehler took a role in The Mystery of Claywoman, a mock documentary about a 500-million-year-old woman with healing powers, which played to a crowd with tattoos and specs at the New Museum on Friday. In the wildly witty film, written by Michael Cavadias and directed by Rob Roth, Poehler is a French author who says she’s been with her girlfriend (played by Deborah Harry) for about 15 years. “Seven,” corrects Harry.

Also in the minxy mix are Alan Cumming as a Claywoman skeptic, Ruth Maleczech as a fiery believer, and Justin Bond as a total nutjob. After the film, Cavadias emerged as Claywoman in the flesh, limping to the stage to drink tea and impart eternal wisdoms. She didn’t look a day over 400 million.