Squadron Has Weiner’s Love; Connor, Others Have Golisano’s $$$


Democratic State Senator Martin Connor already had his hands full with primary challenger Daniel Squadron, and now Squadron has upped the ante with an endorsement from Congressman Anthony Weiner, reports the New York Sun. Squadron had served Weiner as an aide back in the day, and has gathered a nice batch of endorsements (Bloomberg, Scott Stringer, The Villager et alia) going into the September 9 primary.

But at least Connor has the backing of zillionaire Tom Golisano, whose political tergiversations have been covered here recently.

According to the New York Times, Golisano endorsed six Democrats and seven Republicans via the Responsible New York organization he has funded with his zillions. For State Senate, Golisano/RNY has picked Republican candidates James L. Seward, Catharine M. Young, George D. Maziarz, Roy McDonald, and Barbara Donno. He/it also picked Democratic Senate candidates William T. Stachowski, Kathy Konst, Richard Dollinger, Joseph Mesi, and Connor. In the Assembly Golisponsible New York endorsed Democrat Barbra Kavanaugh and Republicans Jane Corwin and Paula Banks-Dahlke.

The group is a mix of incumbents and challengers whose common denominator is that they haven’t pissed off Tom Golisano.