Palin New York Connection: Feel The Media Hate!


We didn’t see much action on this front before, but after her big speech last night, Sarah Palin is getting plenty of New York media play.

Heather of newyorkshitty watches a Palin supporter from her old home state of Texas, audibly snickers in the background. “This old coot cracks me up,” she says. “I left Texas in 1996… I never, EVER wanted to go back to this.”

Gatemouth of Room 8 asks “What is it Republicans don’t like about Community Organizers? Community Organizers work to bring people together, USUALLY THOUGH THEIR CHURCHES…” Earlier he had called her “Ms. Rocky Racoon [sic].”

Gawker focused on the recantation of Wall Street Journal winger Peggy Noonan, who had been caught calling the Palin pick “political bullshit” on a live mike, with the hed “Peggy Noonan Sorry For Truth-Telling Accident.” Separately, Gawker analyzed “McCain Ticket’s Reversal On Family Matters.” Also: “Palin Squire Chews Gum Like A Tool.”

Bloomberg News tells us “Palin’s Alaska Record Short on Trade, Immigration Decisions.” New York‘s Daily Intel culls a couple of the nastier Palin tweets from Wired‘s twitter roundup.

Even upstaters get into the act. Capitol Confidential bullets Palin’s attack lines (“Swipe at Obama’s ardent followers,” “Jab at ‘community organizer’ again”). Politics on the Hudson says, “Palin misleads on taxes,” and gives examples.

At Fishbowl, Ana Marie Cox and Friends do some sidewalk video. They think it was weird having the first female GOP VP candidate and a chant of “drill, baby, drill” at the same time. Also: “She read what was on her teleprompter very, very well.” They notice that, as members of the media, the crowd despises them.

The New York Post does its usual Murdochian thing (“PALIN WOWS ‘EM BY POUNDING DC SNOBS”) but for local market purposes includes unimpressed comments from a panel recruited for their gender similarities to the candidate.

The New York Times tries to be a little folksy (“Palin’s Hometown Friends Enjoy the Show”) but is fooling nobody, as everyone knows it is the main propaganda outlet of the “left-wing media,” as the line with which Rudolph Giuliani whipped the Convention crowd into a frenzy put it. So in the main they, and we, played our assigned role in the Republican morality tale of down-home rightwing extremists vs. rootless cosmopolitan media snobs.

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