Gwen Ifill’s Face Accused of Media Bias


Hard as our lot is, we are in some sympathy with TV journalists, who suffer endless accusations of bias based not only on their reporting, but also on their facial expressions and tone of voice. Via Poynter we learn that PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler has received complaints that Gwen Ifill, New York native and moderator of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, wasn’t cheerful enough in her remarks after the Sarah Palin speech to the GOP Convention. (Example: “Her attitude was dismissive and the look on her face was one of disgust… It is quite obvious that Ms. Ifill supports Obama…”)

“I don’t know whether Ifill was tired after a long night,” said Getler, “…But she clearly reported that delegates ‘exploded with excitement’ over Palin’s speech and that they ‘couldn’t have been happier.'”

Having witnessed some of Ifill’s commentary, we have to say that compared to what other New York media figures were saying about the convention, she was Brit Hume.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 5, 2008


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