Judge Pirro Gets Bad Reviews, Lawsuit


As we mentioned earlier, former New York political basket case Jeanine Pirro now serves as a judge on a CW daytime television show. Her competence has since been called into question. First New York Post TV critic Adam Buckman gave her show two stars and described Pirro unflatteringly as “a TV judge trying cases in the low-rent backwater of weekday afternoons on Channel 11.”

Now an innocent man who spent 16 years in prison because of Pirro’s overreaching as a Westchester County prosecutor is calling for a boycott of her program. Jeffrey Deskovic, whose rape conviction, obtained by Pirro in 1990, was overturned by DNA evidence in 2006, says the “Judge Jeanine Pirro” show “glorifies, promotes and compensates those who have participated in human and civil rights violations,” reports rival network WCBS. Deskovic is also suing Pirro.


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