Complete Menu of Meat Products in Banksy’s Village Pet Store Charcoal Grille


all photos by Sam Horine

Last Sunday, Banksy quietly opened the Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grille. I went yesterday, twice. (I was really hungry.) I wrote down the complete menu.


Great Bolony
Goya Corned Beef
Libby’s Corned Beef
Gwaltney Smoked Ham
Oscar Meyer Beef Light
Spam Single Serving Pouch
Sugardale Sliced Cooked Salami
Gwaltney Spiced Luncheon Loaf
Gwaltney Chopped Ham water added
Krasdale Cotto Salami with chicken, pork, and beef
Sugardale Sliced Bologna with chicken, pork, and beef
Sugardale Turkey Breast with white meat added
Cibao-Meat Products Cooked Salami snack pack, with individual rolls of campesino, pavolami, and induveca
Gwaltney Cooked Salami, made with chicken, beef, and pork
Gwaltney P&P Loaf, made with chicken, beef, and pork
Bologna, wriggling
Salami Log, leaning on a rock sadly


Three Hot Dogs, wiggling
Hot Dog, lapping up water
Hot Dog Wrapped in a Bun, served with mustard feeder
One Vienna Finger, served with toothpick container
Two Vienna Fingers on a Terrarium Rock, copulating
Three Vienna Fingers on a Terrarium Rock, watching

You can’t tell from this picture, but two of these Vienna Fingers are, as they say, bumping uglies.


Goya Sardines
Goya Corned Beef
Hormel Pork Tidbits
Libby’s Canned Beef
Pour van Beef Goulash
Valu Time Potted Meat
Pathmark Vienna Sausage
Libby’s Vienna Sausage
Vitarozz Chicken Vienna Sausage
Carmela Chicken Sausage and Bouillon
Carmela Hot Chicken Sausage and Bouillon
Dinty Moore Beef Stew, 2.5 lbs
Goya Luncheon Meat in a Can, pork and chicken

From the Sea

Parade 6 Crunchy Fish Fillets, boxed
Swanson Classics Boneless Pork, boxed
Krasdale Crunchy Bread Fishsticks, boxed
Krasdale Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks, boxed
Golden Dipt Fry Easy Fish n Chips, boxed
Two Breaded, Fried Fish Sticks, swimming


French’s Yellow Mustard
Roland Quail Eggs, 15 oz.
Meat-O-Meat All Beef Hamburg
Sabrett, Can of Onions and Sauce, random
Three Chicken McNuggets, with BBQ sauce trough
Baby Chicken McNugget, freshly hatched