Everybutty Gitcha Dance On: Eminem’s “I’m Having a Relapse”


As someone who’s currently thumbing through the white-trash mommy-mash that is My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem: Setting the record straight on my life as Eminem’s Mother (a/k/a The Foodstamp Diaries), waking up to a new Em track is akin to finding Life on Mars filming on my street. Make that Dexter: in “I’m Having a Relapse,” Shady is a serial killer made murderous by the smell of weed — a classic Marshall Mathers premise threatened to be ruined by one bad Jessica Simp-shit joke. But this song’s actually good, despite having no hook and Em slipping into a fake-bad rasta-pasta patois. Eminem’s always been a genius at knocking out lyrics that unfold like B-movie plot synopses and here our narrator’s so purple-haze deranged, he takes out an elderly man, tries to sodomize a mannequin, threatens to make “bacon souffle” out of you, shakes so badly he wants you to hand him a baby, discovers a dead cheerleader in a blue tub, calls the blonde milk-cartoner a bitch, then hugs Elton John (J/k!). The end, real quick, no remorse: “Now everybutty gitcha dance on to my dance song, come on.”

Eminem, “I’m Having a Relapse” [via Fader]