Paterson Resumes Daily Kos Diary, Trawls Shamelessly for Hits


Back in May, Governor Paterson dropped a diary on top lefty site Daily Kos explaining his executive order protecting the rights of married gay couples in New York. Maybe “pimping” would be a better word than “explaining” as the ultraliberal Kossites, aka the Nutroots, were bound to love it, and did, giving him hundreds of positive comments.

The Gov dropped off Kos’ radar a while. Then right after the election he snuck an Obama appreciation up there, but it only got 26 comments. So like any determined blogger, he upped the ante, and today posted a “Let me Re-Introduce Myself. I am David Paterson” item soliciting the Kos Kids’ input via his new site’s “Your Voice” page.

It worked! Paterson got so many questions the he had to update that there were “too many to respond to at the moment” and promise to get back to them later. Always leave them wanting more, Gov! And remember: if traffic slows down, they like nudity, lists, and anything about Sarah Palin.