Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Make Mashed Potatoes


Somehow this was never a Chappelle Show bit. Instead, we get to explore this risible odd-couple juxtaposition in real time, real life, the very parody of parody, along with live-audience titters and racial undertones by way of pepper color. (“I ain’t never seen white pepper!” Snoop sniffs. “I like black pepper, mane!”) About halfway through this clip, the Doggfather fittingly forgets what the hell they’re both making (“That smell good. What is this again?”) and then Martha bizarrely asks the porn-dabbler if he’s going to perform at the Inauguration (“If I’m admitted to”–pretty certain he means “permitted” and pretty certain the answer is no). Even better: when Snoop spikes his potato bowl with a bottle of Cognac (“yack yack”) shaped like Joan Holloway and Martha undresses it her. I was wrong: this is why the internet was invented.