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Jose Rivera on Hillary’s Successor: “Choose a Latino”


Jose Rivera, though overthrown as boss of the Bronx Democratic Party, is still throwing his weight around. He’s already holding a fundraiser for his own upcoming Assembly seat defense. And today he issued a press release which, after effusively congratulating Secretary of State designate Hillary Clinton (“Hilary [sic] is the Best Person for the Job”), tells Governor Paterson he should “choose a Latino to replace Hillary” when she leaves the Senate. Doing so would “demonstrate Patterson’s commitment to the Latino community” and “give a strong and growing community the recognition it deserves,” says Rivera.

Could this be an appeal to the State Senate dissident Democrats, who have been calling for more Latinos in leadership positions as part of their price for backing Malcolm Smith for Majority Leader? Two of those guys are from the Bronx. Rivera may not be calling the plays anymore, but it looks like he wants to stay in the game.


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