Marlon Brando Wanted To Be On QVC!


It’s true, people: Two-time Oscar winner Marlon Brando was desperate to sell stuff on QVC, according to a new book by his aide, Alice Marchak. Could you just gag? This is the first real shocker since Madonna wrote a children’s book!

Marchak swears that shortly before his death in 2004, Brando was anxious to go on the call-in shopping channel because he had only $9,000 left in his size 90 pockets. He even met with a network executive, though for whatever reason, the gig didn’t work out (as opposed to Sir Laurence Olivier’s Polaroid commercial, which DID surface, blurring the line between highbrow and low culture for all time.)

But what on earth could Brando have sold?

*His Oscars?



*Food? (Nah, he’d never part with that.)

Any ideas?

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