How Not to Protest Scientology


The Daily News has the greasy details on an extremely stupid prank pulled yesterday by a teenager who claimed to be a member of the anti-Scientology group, Anonymous.

Mahoud Samed Almahadin (a/k/a Matt Connor) apparently thought it might be a smart way to protest L. Ron Hubbard’s wacky cabal by slathering himself in vaseline, toenail clippings, and pubic hair clippings, and then entering the Scientology building on W. 46th Street and rubbing himself on everything in sight.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Anonymous kids have pulled the prank, as evidenced by the video above, which comes with a sung soundtrack about “Brave Agent Pubeit.”

No, this isn’t brave. It’s exactly the kind of crap Wise Beard Man warned would only backfire on Anonymous.

Anonymous kids: the adults are not going to see the humor, and they’re even calling this a “hate crime.”

Scientology always whines that it’s the victim of persecution, and now you’ve handed them the best publicity they could ask for.

Is Anonymous done?

Looks like it didn’t even last a year.